‘With the spire of Temple of Dawn Stupa fully in view, Let it be known that one is entering the Kingdom of Siam’
The most beautiful river bend of the Chaophraya River is not only a part of breathtaking scenery but also the first landmark of the nation in the history.

This river bend has ever since been the crossroad of all nautical navigation. It was the first gateway of vessels of all nations traveling to Siam to trade and increase diplomatic ties through Ayutthaya period until Rattnakosin era. Thus, there have been so many historical interests all along the great river with the passing time.

The crowded and prosperous river bend community during Ayutthaya period was turned into the center of trade in Thonburi period. It was also the biggestfish market with a network of man-made tributaries accomplished under the royal policy of the first monarch of Chakri Dynasty, who emphasized the renovation of the new capital city, ‘Krung Rattanakosin.’

It was in the reign of King Rama V , whose full-fledged vision, led to the establishment of ‘Pakkhlongtalard,’ the market selling fresh produce and cut flowers at the mouth of conjoining tributaries. To date, this place has truly reached the world rank of grandness.

Today, this very gorgeous river bend will not be just enthralling beauty but the novel landmark of Thailand with unimaginable charm that invites people form each and every corner of the world.

Yodpiman, Ltd. , a highly-experienced company group, in managing Yodpimanmarket and Pakklongtalard prior to this project vows to uphold an invaluable heritage of Thailand on the most beautiful meander of Chaophraya River to be the last prime area for a modern lifestyle center.

This venue will also be a tourist attraction at both national and international levels under the name of...

‘Yodpiman Riverwalk’