The history has turned
a new page to lifestyle
and world class tourism.
The nice location on the most beautiful river bend
of Siam history boasts its fascinating historic sites
waiting to be discovered; that is,
These essential historic sites are an inspiration for the creation of this new Community Mall. The meticulous designs are ostensibly made to blend with the surrounding scenery. The building of Yodpiman Riverwalk is of Colonial style architecture, of which its interior decorations, are inspired by diverse eras of capital cities in Thai history.
This venue is superior to any other places with 300 meters of corridor along Chaophraya River bank,
allowing true closeness to the delightful view of the river with a specific function,
which connects to the other buildings of the project, namely,
Yodpiman market selling flowers and fruits and Pakklongtalard, the market for fresh produce.
The two projects have charmingly maintained a traditional lifestyle.
The location deserves the title of the Kingdom of lifestyle
replete with good taste for all walks of life.
That is, the complete and suitable functions that consist of the center of tourism with historical values,
modernity clad with the old day outfit, deemed to be a magnet
for native and foreign tourists including students, university students, and families

The project has maximum potential to suit all targeted customers
with shops and eateries all at the forefront of Thailand and abroad.
This includes a variety of lifestyle activities
such as tourism, education, and recreation in all forms.